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Saunas for Commercial & Domestic Applications

Sauna Construction To Finnish Style

The cabin is constructed from 1st grade kiln dried, slow grown Spruce timber. Panels are internally insulated with an air gap and a vapour barrier is integrated into the inner lining. This will achieve maximum insulation qualities. Spruce is used as standard timber on all the interior and exterior walls and ceiling panels. To upgrade to other finishes the we suggest clear pine knot free, Hemlock clear timber with a rich grain pattern or European Alder with a close grain also knot free with a light appearance.


Benches are normally two tier, however on larger Sauna designs three tier benching can be installed. Benches are made from Abachi or Aspen hardwood, and in a high temperature environment will stay cool and therefore comfortable to sit on, providing a degree of comfort that is second to none.

Doors & Windows

Door frames are made from laminated joinery grade Spruce and come supplied with Toughened safety glass door bronze. Aluminium hinges magnetic catch and heat proof door seal. Door openings are available in standard size or a larger size for disabled access. Windows give more design possibilities and make a sauna feel less claustrophobic. Additional light is an advantage, and in public saunas clients can be seen, assuring staff that all is well without disturbing the bathers.


Lighting can be crucial to the ambiance of the Sauna, so choice of lighting can be important. LED (light Emitting diodes) is the best choice and we recommend a minimum of three heat proof LED fittings. The colour range best suited for a traditional sauna is orange. The range available is Orange, White, Blue and Red.

Sauna Heaters Traditional

Sauna heaters Wall mounted or floor mounted, The traditional sauna is normally enjoyed at temperatures of 75 to 95°C in a relative humidity of 20% to 40% Sensible amounts of water are sprinkled on the hot rocks to attain a wave of heat that penetrates deep into your skin.

Hidden Heater Sauna

Mainly for the commercial market. The hidden heater sauna installation addresses health and safety and maintenance issues and can increase benching seating capacity. The hidden heater reduces abuse vandalism and Burn Hazard. The heater is hidden and therefore reduces the risk as the bather has no direct contact with the heat source.

Our saunas come in a range of sizes and can be designed to whatever shape or size you require. We offer a Free Site visit with CAD drawing and quotation supplied and can liaise with your architect or builder.

Our Commercial Sauna Packages Come Complete With

  • Swedish First Grade Spruce Sauna Cabin
  • Toughened Safety Glass Door/Bronze
  • Cool Aspen Curved Benches
  • Bench Skirts & Back Rests
  • Sauna Stove eith Peridotite Rocks
  • Sauna Control Box
  • 2 x 230v Light Fittings With Shades (Optional LED Down Lighters)  
  • Thermometer/ Hydrometer
  • Sand-Timer
  • Bucket & Ladle
  • Complete Delivery Package
  • Free Installation
  • Commissioning & Staff Training
  • Health & Safety User Manual
  • One Year Warranty

Optional Extras

  • Fibre Optic Lighting
  • Hardwood Duckboards
  • Sauna Bath Lamp
  • Sauna Essence
  • Wooden Lampshades
  • Glazing Sections
  • Essence Dispenser & Essence

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