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WE are open during this second period of national lockdown and continue to adhere to the government and HSE guidelines in relating to operating our small family business.
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Tylo Timer (TS Panel)6 pole: Removals Supplies Scotland

Tylo Timer (TS Panel)6 pole

Tylo Timer 6 Pole - 12 hr Price £119.62 + 20% Vat = £143.54 Each.
£143.54 each
Tylo Water Level Probe: Removals Supplies Scotland

Tylo Water Level Probe

83 96 000 180 Tylo Water Level Probe (long) Price inc VAT
£122.40 each
Image coming soon

Seko essence Kronos 10 analogue Pump

Kronos 10 Analogue 1 lire hour  Pump Seko 0.16_9l/h 1.3 bar pressure peristaltic pump technoligy means low noise output, and no valves are used at all. IP55 protection 240Vac  Fitted with Viton tube. Ideal for Eucalyptus dosing Milk of essance.

Reduced Price £142.50 + VAT £171.00

£171.00 each
Seko Invikta Pump: Removals Supplies Scotland

Seko Invikta Pump

Invikta Series By Seko Electromagnetic Pump, Simple and reliable. IP65 protection level.240Vac, manual regulation of flow rate 0 to100%. Ideal for Eucalyptus dosing of Steam Rooms.

Price £199.00+ VAT @ 20% +£238.80 each.

£238.80 each
Sauna/Steam Room Glass Door Hinge.: Removals Supplies Scotland

Sauna/Steam Room Glass Door Hinge.

Glass Door Hinge.Commercial use. Fits 6mm /8mm Glass door. Patch clamp single retaining bolt for 16mm hole at 30mm offset from edge of glass. Aluminium with Stainless steel pin. Stainless steel Screws can be supplied.

Price £98.00 +20% VAT = £117.60 each.

£117.60 each