COVID19 - A message from Saunatec
WE are open during this second period of national lockdown and continue to adhere to the government and HSE guidelines in relating to operating our small family business.
Our online shop is OPEN and we would like to thank you for your continued support during this difficult year.
Stay Safe!

Buy Sauna Spare Parts & Accessories Online

Copper Sauna Bucket : Removals Supplies Scotland

Copper Sauna Bucket

Copper Sauna Bucket Price 50.00 + 20% VAT + 60.00 Special offer Price
£60.00 each
Copper Sauna Ladle: Removals Supplies Scotland

Copper Sauna Ladle

Copper Sauna Ladle Price 28.80 + 20% VAT = 34.56
£34.56 each
Sauna Thermometer-Hygrometer Wooden Mount.: Removals Supplies Scotland

Sauna Thermometer-Hygrometer Wooden Mount.

ST 102 Sauna Thermometer-Hygrometer Wooden Mount. Price 40.40 +20% VAT = 46.08
£48.48 each
Sand Timer Pine Wood : Removals Supplies Scotland

Sand Timer Pine Wood

ST103 Sand Timer Pine Wood Price 16.80 + 20% VAT = 20.16.
£20.16 each
Vapac Electrode Caps: Removals Supplies Scotland

Vapac Electrode Caps

STM570003 Vapac Electrode Caps Black(lug) Price 26.10 + 20% VAT + 31.33each.
£31.33 each