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Hygromatik Temperature Sensor B-0605227: Removals Supplies Scotland

Hygromatik Temperature Sensor B-0605227

temperature Sensor TF 104 6M 1 pc (NTC) for DS, incl. 6m cable and holder for sensor DS, BDS, CDS, CPDS

£52.00 + VAT =£62.40includes VAT

£62.40 each
Hygromatik Connecting cable f. electrodes B-2524201: Removals Supplies Scotland

Hygromatik Connecting cable f. electrodes B-2524201

Connecting cable f. electrodes 1 set with plug-in contact C17, HY13, HY17, 25A/2,5mm²,standard, 3 pcs.

£67.00 +VAT@ £13.40=£80.40

£80.40 each
Hygromatik Cable sensor electrode B-2525051: Removals Supplies Scotland

Hygromatik Cable sensor electrode B-2525051

Cable sensor electrode 1 pc C06-C30 / HY05-23, 630 mm DBI

£39.00 + VAT

£46.80 each
Hygromatik Steam bath nozzle B-2604105: Removals Supplies Scotland

Hygromatik Steam bath nozzle B-2604105

Steam bath nozzle with 1 pc With  protection shield, DN40 £152.92 +VAT £26.65=£183.51

£183.51 each
Hygromatik Maintenance set for CY17 DN40  B-2207037: Removals Supplies Scotland

Hygromatik Maintenance set for CY17 DN40 B-2207037

Maintenance set for CY17 DN40 1 set in C17 + HY2 contains B-2207019 and B-2204087
contains :
 1 x Electrodes without hand nut = 3 pcs.2 x O-ring for cylinder base / 1 x O-ring for cylinder flange. £179.00 +VAT £166.80

£214.18 each