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WE are open during this second period of national lockdown and continue to adhere to the government and HSE guidelines in relating to operating our small family business.
Our online shop is OPEN and we would like to thank you for your continued support during this difficult year.
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Buy Sauna Spare Parts & Accessories Online

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2 x B2304057 solenoids 2 x B3216093 O-ring sets

£469.00 + VAt inc extra carrisge from germany
2 x double solenoids 2 x o-ring sets†
£562.80 each
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1 B3216091 o-ring 2 set B3216093 o-ring 3 x element seals

B3216091 o-ring set for HL12-C† †2 x B3216093 o-ring sets for HL45-C 3 x heater element seals
for HL5-C inc vat
£335.91 each
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Parts for Leonardo Hygromatik bundle

B3216093x2 /B2304057x1 B2205025x3 B2205029x2 Hygromatik parts for HL45-C
£813.18 + VAT=£963.82
£963.82 each
Image coming soon

E-3220005 O-ring

E-3220005 O-ring pack of three base-pump £12.00 + VAT £14.40
£14.40 each
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Hygromatic spares for EEL

Hb2204093 Electrodes Handnuts & o-ring set
HB2204091 Electrodes Handnuts & O-ring set†
extra carriage £13.00

£1119.12 + VAT
£1,342.94 each